Douera Sportpark Stadium (40000 seats)

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  • The sport complex Douera presents itself as a grandiose architectural project consisting on several buildings, each one with its own specific function and inserted in a harmonious unicum that has taken on the dimensions of a city of sport. The stadium, the arena, swimming pool and the hotel are indeed distributed in the landscape in order to create an interesting layout of pleasantly secluded buildings. The harmony in the forms is further emphasized by the use of an architectural language that prefers the eclipse and circle, both on the project design and the finishing. The buildings take into account the existing topography of the site, not only for economic reasons, which aim to reduce work costs to a minimum, but also to maintain and enhance the original character of the landscape morphology. A dense park completes the landscape of the "City of Sport”. Sports facilities are set amongst the green of orange trees that will give shade in the summer and encourage walking. The stadium itself will accomodate 40.000 seats

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